Aquatec 500 glass cleaning cloth
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Aquatec 500 glass cleaning cloth

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Aquatec 500 is a durable synthetic cloth with a unique pyramid structure for very quick and effective absorption and retention of moisture without leaving any residue. The end result is a perfectly shining surface without streaks. Because of the soft, non-fluffing fibre, aquatec 500 is safe to use on various surfaces, such As chrome, glass and most plastics. It is perfect to wipe the sides of spas and pools to give them the clean, sharp look or to even wipe down the mirrors, hand rails and shower areas. This cloth is a must have to easily wipe up excess water. The synthetic base guarantees a very long life. In its resalable container, the cloth always stays clean and immediately ready to use again and again and again. Method of use: Remove packaging; the cloth is immediately ready for use. Now wipe the surface to be dried With the cloth. Because of its high absorptive power, the cloth will allow you to rub dry almost Any surface in no time and without leaving any streaks. Properties: pyramid structure cloth for a powerful drying. extremely high water absorption capacity. ultra soft fibre, therefore safe to use. long life. non-fluffing. suited for most smooth surfaces. streak free and shiny end result. Size: 420mm (L) 320mm (W) 4mm (Thick)

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