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We are proud of our Live Arrival Guarantee, VERY very few orders arrive in anything other than perfect health, in the unlikely event any of your shipment arrives DOA please note our Live Arrival Guarantee procedure and terms of sale and delivery below.

Please do not hesitate to contact should you need to with any questions or advice on acclimatisation: shop@zoamarines.co.uk

Live Arrival Guarantee:

Livestock deliveries will be made via APC Livestock delivery service. This is a special service which is designed to ensure that your corals and livestock arrives to you just as it left us, healthy and happy. We use food standard insulated boxes and double or triple bag all corals, we also add heat packs to your box when the weather is colder.

Although we make every effort to ensure the well being of our corals and livestock during transportation, fatalities can occasionally happen. If any coral or livestock is found to be dead on arrival please inform us immediately, but not later than 4 hours after receiving the package. Any longer than this and we will be unable to offer you a replacement or credit. Please note the following conditions:-

    1/ We will need photographic evidence of the coral or livestock that arrives DOA in the original unopened bag.

    2/ Our Live Arrival Guarantee does not cover the shipping cost and a full credit of the coral(s) ONLY will be offered towards a future purchase or coral(s) or mobile inverts but credit cannot be used toward the shipping/delivery charge. If we have a like for like replacement available you would need to pay for shipping on any coral exchanges.

    3/ We do NOT offer any alive guarantee for items shipped OUTSIDE of mainland UK, all orders posted or shipped outside of mainland UK are shipped at the buyers risk. This includes Northern Ireland.

All sales are final and we do not accept returns, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange once the order has been dispatched. In the event of changing your mind before we have shipped the item(s) we may at our discretion offer a credit or exchange to an alternative coral, but we do NOT cancel or refund sales.

The majority of our corals are shipped and we do ship 100's of orders every week, and thankfully we get very few DOA. We are passionate about reefing and love our corals so we pack well and are proud of our high standards and levels of customer service.

If you have ANY questions or problems regarding your order either before are after it has been shipped do not hesitate to get in touch: shop@zoamarines.co.uk

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