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As most of you know my wife is expecting our baby girl, unfortunately this evening she is in the hospital awaiting to be induced due to complications. With this in mind I hope you can all understand that for the next couple of weeks Zoa Marines will be on an appointment basis only and we will only be shipping one day a week as I currently run the shop single handedly I think this is the only fair way for me and our customers. I will still try and get auctions on but please do bear with me
Warm wishes

New Arrivals

Zoa 'Hawaiian PE'
Zoa 'Green PE' (People Eaters) Single Heads
Sold Out
Zoa 'BBEB' Single Head.
Zoa 'Scrambled Eggs' 1 to 3 Heads
Sold Out
Lovely Collectors Zoa 'Incinerators'
Collectors Zoa 'LA Lakers' 1 head on Plug
Collectors Zoa 'Blue Rhino' 1 Large Head
Collectors Zoa 'Mindtrick' Single or Double Heads
Sold Out
WYSIWYG Red and purple acan (no. ACA85)
WYSIWYG Red and purple acan (no. ACA84)
Sold Out
WYSIWYG Red and purple acan (no. ACA81)
Sold Out
WYSIWYG Green and purple  acan (no. ACA68)
Sold Out
WYSIWYG Red and white  acan (no. ACA38)
Sold Out
Australian Uv green fuzzy shroom  (no. SH74)
WYSIWYG Red with blue spot Disco (no. SH20)
WYSIWYG golden red Rhodactis (no. SH9)
WYSIWYG Red with blue spot disco (no. SH6)
WYSIWYG Red with blue spot disco (no. SH5)
WYSIWYG Red with blue spot disco (no. SH4)
Zoa Marines Coral Gift Card
WYSIWYG Green acan (no. ACA58)
WYSIWYG Green acan (no. ACA55)
Sold Out
WYSIWYG Green acan (no. ACA53)
WYSIWYG Green acan (no. ACA52)

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